News: New Performance: Planting the Seed


In spite of the summer heat making its excuses, all at Musical Arc had something to grin / shout / punch the air about. We’d only gone and got the grant from the Arts Council, for another much adored performance of “The Mango Tree”. Waiting for ideas to grow into reality can be painful, but hey, not as much as if we had waited in vain. For, in this fine September of 2013, we planted the seed of our show.

This joyous beginning saw energetic discussions take place at Meanwood, where we confirmed what the process of our year would include. We would be writing the music for “The Mango Tree” ourselves, with the Indian traditions of story and dance inspiring us along the route. We would be welcoming the expertise of collaborative performers, including that of our shadow puppetry artist, Rebekah Caputo and a traditional Kathak dancer. There would be some live music performance and recording opportunities involved too – so not only would we be perfecting every beat and pedal, but we’d experience new professional environments. It became clear that this project would be both fulfilling and crucial to our artistic development. We could not wait to get stuck into part one…

…Light danced from the soft, broken chords of Martin’s acoustic, and we felt the princess tiptoeing into the arc. D.B’s earthy pedals depicted her humming voice, and she began to walk through a lively forest. Shehnaaz was her rhythm, tapping her sparkly toes as she waltzed; and soon we heard the horns, saw the sun beaming down at the girl. Peacefully she wandered, until unwelcome chromatics swore rudely at her face. The story was unraveling; a vicious presence was near…

Melissa Thompson

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