Weekly Session Blog #14: Breathing Fear: Monday 9th December 2013


The week unfolded in heavy gusts of winter wind, inspiring Musical ARC to write about the terrifying powers that overwhelm Raj Kumara in The Mango Tree.

It was time to craft the mystifying, frightening music that precedes the princess being chased by a demon in the story. Inevitably, we turned the lights off and decided to get spooked.

From a cold and vacant space there emerged an undercurrent of crackling synth, rustling through bodies and breathing fear down necks. A reco-reco (a bit like a guiro, used in Brazillian music) was scraped with painful anticipation. Every miniature bridge was one step closer to the sound of the nails of evil, scraping on the conscience of the Arc.

A sense of madness boiled over, as the dissonant crescendo of the horns swelled.

Panic. Growing in the vastness of the woods, where it seemed panic could never outsize.

It was a feeling, deep-rooted in the murky mud beneath the princess’ dainty sandals, a frozen terror that escaped from the muted screams of the deadened weeds around it.

It was a feeling that today, we made.

My heart goes out to Emily, our new volunteer. After this eerie showcase, she must be fooled that we never make sweet and melodious music…!

Monday 9th December 2013 Musical ARC pretending to be demons.

Monday 9th December 2013 Musical ARC pretending to be demons.

by Melissa Thompson

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