Weekly Session Blog #15: And just like that, Christmas crept upon us.: Monday 16th December 2013


In typical Arc fashion, we didn’t beat around the (mistletoe?) bush, and had scheduled in a really quite hectic and lively activity for the closing session of the year.

We warmly welcomed Lewis Campbell – a professional, independent videographer based in Leeds – to spend a couple of hours with us in the hope he would capture the spontaneous (and intentional) beauty of the music we have been shaking and rattling in 2013. I’m not gonna lie, I was quite heavily involved in the idea and eventual decision to invite him along, but I believe that sharing the passion for what we do through more corners of positive exposure in the community can only be a great thing. In terms of the finished product, well, you’ll just have to be patient! Don’t be alarmed though, we aren’t prancing about in bikinis in the hope of a hit single or anything. Too cold for that anyway, if I was ever bonkers enough to call such shots.

And finally, let me take this moment to show my gratitude for the commitment everybody at Arc showed in their presence on the (currently anonymous) project, which occurred in the space of a Meanwood rehearsal. As the weather gets colder and our timetables become more crammed ahead of mince pie season, it can be a challenge to rally round the last of the working troops! But come they did, to offer the most open-hearted and unique assortment of gestures, language, poetry, harmony, comedy, rhythm and soul I have ever known in a family. Because that’s what we are, folks, a ‘family’.

Excuse me; I must tend to my wonderfully-gluttonous cheeseboard now. My biggest indulgence yet!

Wishing a warm and melodious festive period for you all.

by Melissa Thompson

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