Blog #16: Happy New Mangoes!: Thursday 30th January 2014


Crikey, have we really made it past January minus a single drop of snow..? I may have been a tad overzealous this month when expecting the worst, weather-wise, which would explain my post-Xmas absence in the virtual world recently.

Despite my lack of typing, I can tell you that some exciting prep for The Mango Tree has been bubbling underway in the New Year.

Recently, there has been greater focus on the work of the collaborative artists (dancers of mixed styles, shadow theatre, actors) and what they will bring to Musical Arc’s own creative streak. A couple of weeks ago, a productive meeting with the collaborative artists was held in The Venue (where we’ll be performing the real thing!), and it struck me that this project is turning out to be quite a cocktail in the arts and sensory department.

It also became evident that Simran, our King Raj Kumar-to-be, has got some serious lungs on him. All at the creative meeting experienced a demonstration of some of the scenes so far – leaving us strictly under the belief that he has visited Raj Kumar in a past life, bottled up some of the angst felt in the princess’ absence, and preserved it solely for this opportunity!

Welcome back.

by Melissa Thompson

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