Weekly Session Blog #17: Ceilidh Chaos.: Monday 24th February 2014


After a much-needed break, Musical Arc reconvened at Meanwood Community Centre to catch up and play some music. Over a cuppa, we witnessed the progress of Beyond the Wheelchair, a recent video created by our good friend and talented videographer Erwan Durand. The short film takes viewers on a journey through D.B’s daily life. It visits the various activities and interests he has and gives a bit of background information on cerebral palsy, a condition which does not prevent him from enjoying things.

Today, we also had a lovely visit from Princess Jyoti and Raj Kumar – two Leeds folk who are sometimes known as just Simran and Jyoti when out and about grabbing the papers. We transformed the hall space into a theatre (we even had chocolate biscuits; all that seemed to be missing was some plush curtains) and we heard the music of The Garden from The Mango Tree. We gawped in awe as the couple merged into a visual whirl of perfection and grace through a series of dance moves and grandiose gestures, and thought to ourselves, “Wow, this is still only the beginning?!” Somehow, that realisation made the idea of mangoes, bindis and shadow puppets in the mix seem like a dream.

Reader, you must be wondering why the title of this entry is much more frenzied than what I have mentioned so far…! Rumour has it that Martin Harwood can hold quite a pleasant little jig on the fiddle… so much so that we can’t stop ourselves from folking out across the dancefloor. This is exactly what we did in the afternoon, and after only tripping over my feet about twice and plentiful laughter, I can say that The Mango Tree definitely needs a sprinkling of the Ceilidh vibes. Watch out, audience, you’re gonna love it!

In other news… Pop along to Waitrose as much as you care until Friday, and put your free change tokens in the Musical ARC box to help boost our chances of getting £1000!

Toodle pip.

by Melissa Thompson

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