Weekly Session Blog #20: Round up of a Wonderfully Noisy Half Term.: Monday 7th April 2014


It’s Easter break currently and everyone at ARC is enjoying a well-deserved one at that. Last Monday we had a fantastic time at Weetwood Primary School with years 4 and 5.

The themes of our workshop were music, story and communication. We assembled in the hall with an array of musical instruments and the children responded wonderfully to our sounds and presence – by the end of the day we were jamming together as truly equal beings. Many musical conversations were shared with the Weetwood community; many of the pupils have budding careers in music already since taking lessons in the lovely grounds of the school. In the final show and tell at the end of the day, we witnessed some outstanding creativity in the children. There was a human conveyor belt of the children’s pictures weaving around them as they respectably admired their day’s work, and this was accompanied by poems about a moon made from blue cheese and some fantastic improvisation on the glockenspiel.

In other news, one of Musical ARC’s recently-joined musicians, Andrew Wilson, shall not be resting one bit during this break in favour of training for the Leeds Half Marathon. If you would like to support him in this admirable mission, then he would appreciate even the smallest donation which can be made via Just Giving . This page has been put together by Andrew and gives his supporters a background on Hope Pastures, which is the organisation to which all proceeds will go.

After a break from recording and last week’s hard work, we shall be meeting again on 28th April at Meanwood for a good old natter and music session – hopefully outside in more of that Spring sunshine! Watch out for more updates around this time.

Wishing a happy, peaceful Easter to our supportive community.

by Melissa Thompson

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