Weekly Session Blog #21: With Open Ears.: Monday 28th April 2014


All at Musical ARC had returned to their headquarters following a little rest and recuperation, expecting to be back in the studio swing – when suddenly, it dawned on them that recording music for The Mango Tree was a thing of the past!

Although the process was stimulating and beneficial to us all, the ARC had learned how an intensive period of recording creativity can, at times, be demanding too. It’s almost as though musicians get to the summit of creative achievements like these, see the finishing line, and pause because it’s over. And despite weeks of patience and graft, they forget so easily that there’s a thing of beauty waiting for us beyond that line. A thing they have created, through the winding of musical minds along a path.

And so it was, we had recorded solidly for a month, and we had forgotten that what awaited us was a mastered track. Which we would hear this in its entirety today…

…A blast from the past had also come to witness our weeks of pre-Easter work today. Musical ARC had the most wonderful catch up with Nita, who had previously worked on the storytelling element in a past production of The Mango Tree many moons ago. All those moons ago, it had been something quite different, so it was as interesting for Nita to listen to our latest interpretation and arrangement as it was for us to reflect on the past through her.

In this state of reflection and stillness, we opened our ears. What they clung on to was one of the most enlightening things they had heard yet – the oh-so-familiar, yet oh-so-excitingly-unfamiliar sound of our own musical threads, artistically knitted together by two sets of ears (Martin Harwood and Lorraine Cowburn’s, to be precise).

If this post is confusing you, reader, I have a suggestion that may help decongest your brain… Grab a ticket from LCM’s box office, free up 20th June at 7.30pm in your diary, and go outside and buy a mango. And chill out with your piece of fruit until next week, when you are welcomed to re-open your screen for an update on … wait for it… a brand new tune!!

by Melissa Thompson

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