Weekly Session Blog #22: The Mango’s A-ripening.: Monday 12th May 2014


This week Musical Arc continued on a creative stream of composition for their latest tune, the live piece which will be showcased at the opening of ‘The Mango Tree’ show. We heard gripping intermissions, searing horn solos and heart-rending progress in the percussion section. We felt once more how taking time to write pure music – not to a spec or in a rush, but just taking time to let it out – was such an inspiring and releasing process for us all.

Time is ticking away; the show is only a few weeks away now! We are beginning to get energized (and mildly anxious, of course) about the summit of this yearlong project now. Collaborations, microphones, meetings, cups (and more cups) of tea have shaped our lives since September last year. With the return of the sun in the Northern quarter of the arts world, the final challenge is almost upon us.

In other news, we wished Liah a very happy birthday in the session today. Liah is one of Arc’s most committed musicians, and she certainly knows how to lessen our performance anxiety with wonderful cake year upon year!

With the investment of time and energy the Arc family have parted with over the last months, we welcome your friends, family, colleagues, football team, gym buddy… anybody at all, in fact, to come and witness ‘The Mango Tree’, a cross-culture, live portrait of the merging art forms before your senses.

Tickets can be found at Leeds College of Music – Don’t miss out and book your seats today.

Go on… Today! Do it!

by Melissa Thompson

Jyoti and Simran practicing the Mango Tree routines

Jyoti and Simran practicing the Mango Tree routines

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