Weekly Session Blog #24: Ready, Steady, Indigo.: Monday 2nd June 2014


My eyelids peered at the light for a millisecond, and closed again as rapidly as a sea urchin recoiling from the water’s surface. It was Monday morning, and I was unsure whether I could face the day. I was uncertain of whether I could bound two steps at a time into regularity, arms flailing between my alarm clock’s mute switch and the cheerio cupboard in my kitchen.

But then – It happened. Looking up at my calendar, I realised it was June! I bolted out the door, my motions now more akin to those of a motorcycle. I ran through Headingley’s North Lane, past shop windows, past the faint essence of fresh mangoes in the green grocer’s; my head was truly spinning with the colours of India. I hailed a driver, and guided my good friend Shehnaaz into the vehicle so I could saturate her mind with the sudden intense adrenaline I was experiencing after turning a leaf in my calendar. On our way to Meanwood, we talked of the hours that would follow, of playing our latest creation like it was 1964. This was the tune ‘Indigo’, by the way, a composition that we will be sharing with you on our exclusive tour de Mango.

We will also be performing this in just under a week during a community workshop held at our base in Meanwood, complete with barfi, bindis and B-Sides. The Mango Tree’s collaborating artists will join Musical Arc in a mass inspiration aimed at the members of our community, where we will work with Music, Dance, Origami and Henna. We can’t wait.

As for those walking past Leeds City Museum on Saturday… walk in, I dare you. I shall be inflated with excitement and samosas and telling the whole world about The Mango Tree show, which kicks off in just two weeks now.

Here’s the link for tickets:

Mango Tree box office at Leeds College of Music

Book now, reserve a lassi!

by Melissa Thompson

Amy Manancourt dancing behind a shadow screen in rehearsal for The Mango Tree. February 2014.

Amy Manancourt dancing behind a shadow screen in rehearsal for The Mango Tree. February 2014.

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