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Members’ Testimonials

“Musical Arc is a wonderful organisation and a unique group. Although we have different disabilities we all fit together. We are like a family. Mondays are like a motivation – you just want to come and make music.”

Shehnaaz Jinwalla

Shehnaaz Jinwalla without her bongos.
Len Bakzowski with a xylophone.

“Constructive Creativity. It’s the focus of my life. It truly is energising and creative.”

Len Bakzowski

“Musical Arc is a wonderful place to come as many times as possible in the week and in the year. We all have incredible enjoyment because making music is a very important thing to do in your life.”

David Serrit

David Serrit on the keyboard
David Boyes

“It is about the music and not the disability. I like the shows. I can say many things to everyone.”

D.B. (David Boyes)

“I like making music and I like everyone’s company.”

Martin Vorley – Sorely missed

Martin Vorley
Dawn Kelly with instruments

“Musical Arc is special.”

Dawn Kelly

“Musical Arc stretches me in places that I’ve never been stretched before. The overriding thing is that it stretches members.”

David Mills, Personal Assistant

David Mills trumpeting
Rob Gregory fiddling the knobs

“Musical Arc is a very good way of expressing yourself and putting emotion into motion.”

Robert Gregory, Volunteer

“It helps me as a professional musician, helps me really think about what it is within us that compels us to make music and its like a family.”

Martin Harwood, Sessional musician

Martin Harwood
Robert Nzeyimana hitting the xylophone

“It is wonderful to be part of Musical Arc”.

Robert Nzeyimana

“Being involved in Musical Arc has been a gift for me over the fifteen plus years I have been involved. It constantly pushes me forward. Our work together is a truly inspiring experience to be part of”

Lorraine Cowburn

Lorraine Cowburn conducting a session

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