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Weekly Session Blog #4: Monday 11th January 2013 Equal Sound


Musical ARC folk were elevated by this week’s news. We have ten workshops confirmed in succession, throughout March and beyond. Forever remaining close to our primal goals, it is invigorating to know that we’ll be bringing them to new destinations: An array of Primary Schools.

We hope to raise awareness of the disability arts of Leeds, and challenge notions of what it means to be disabled. We want to promote positive role-models of people with impairments, by grabbing life’s horns and letting-rip in the music. We shall leave imprints of belief that everybody can aspire in equal measures, regardless of what sets them apart in the community.

The drive to create the ‘Equal Sound’ workshop was fuelled by the urge to share our experiences with young people, as they might already have preconceptions and fear surrounding disability. Despite the existence of equal rights, equal respect is still hard to find- not by fault of our own, but by fault of society and education. Leeds University research supports our intentions, by telling us that “…non-disabled children need to experience meeting with disabled people and hear about the realities of their lives. Children who had direct experience of interacting with disabled people in their families or local communities had a more accurate and realistic understanding of the lives of disabled people”.

We sense that Musical ARC’s dynamic route to awareness could be about to hatch grooves in the hearts of many, letting the music speak volumes to youngsters and their teachers.

Melissa Thompson

Equal Sound


2012 Workshop at Hunslett Carr - Playing to assembled group

Our current project is entitled “Equal Sound” We have been developing our workshop model to take into the community. We have successfully led two workshops in Leeds Primary schools with equal emphasis on two factors – Music and creativity and the promotion of disability equality. The workshops have gone really well and our work is proving to produce amazing results.

2012 Workshop at Hunslett Carr - Talking to Shehnaaz

We restart our regular meetings in September 2012 after our well earned Summer break.

2012 Hunslet Carr Workshop - James and inquisitive child